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Exoplanet Bibbliography Astrophysics and Philosophy

Roberts & Donaldson (2018)       (download pdf)

This bibliography is a compilation of scientific and philosophical references pertaining to exoplanets and space exploration. Many articles discuss issues related to extraterrestrial life and issues surrounding terraforming. Much of the philosophical work published in this area falls within the realm of ethics; where our moral obligations lie regarding space exploration and how different ethical models fare when the possibility of encountering extraterrestrial life is considered. Within philosophy of science, topics of focus are the Fermi paradox and the great filter. The work within Astrophysics focus on the origins of life and the definition of life, as well as the precautions that the human race need to take so that there is no contamination to possible life.

Rio-Scale Calculator

by Duncan Forgan et al.       (link to

The Rio scale is a tool for communicating the significance of a signal to the general public. It assigns scores to signals detected in searches for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI), which characterizes both the consequences of a signal and the probability the signal is truly from ETI, in an easily digestible format for laypeople to interpret.
Forgan, Wright, Tarter, Korpela, Siemion, Almar, Piotelet:  “Rio 2.0: revising the Rio scale for SETI detections“, International Journal of Astrobiology (Jul 2018)